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Eddy Street Commons – Notre Dame Interior Design

August 14, 2014

We all have a special place in our hearts for our favorite universities and alma maters. Incorporating the university into your home without using tacky decor may seem difficult. However, by incorporating university color schemes and using personalized accessories, your room can show of your school spirit without overbearing your guests with overbearing decor pieces.

Photo Aug 13, 3 59 49 PMPhoto Aug 13, 4 05 51 PM

 Throughout many of our Eddy Street Commons condos and townhouses, we have included touches of Notre Dame style.

Photo Aug 13, 4 03 36 PMBy using personalized pillows in bedrooms and living rooms from the local business Courtney Bock Designs, we have been able to incorporate custom images and sayings that remind the homeowner of their ties to the campus.Photo Aug 13, 4 00 59 PMPhoto Aug 13, 4 08 19 PM

We also found pillows with the Notre Dame logo. Photo Aug 13, 4 07 20 PM

Some other store bought logo accessories such as these Notre Dame logo wine glasses are simple and easy ways to add that alumni flare. Photo Aug 13, 4 01 54 PM

Without having logos or custom pillows, incorporating the school’s colors into your decor is a more subtle way to share your alumni spirit. Although every guest might not catch on to the significance, the homeowner will always know the meaning and that’s all that matters!Photo Aug 13, 4 09 42 PMPhoto Aug 13, 4 04 51 PM

Looking to add a touch of campus pride in your home? Contact us today for a quote!


Al Bar Ranch Commercial – A Country Hayloft Dance Party

July 22, 2014

Photo Jul 06, 12 43 55 PMWhether you live in the city or grew up on a farm, everyone loves a good, old-fashioned barn bash!

Photo Jul 06, 12 46 26 PM

CM Spaces designed a killer western dance party that was pretty enough to be on T.V. Which is a good thing since it actually was the set for Al Bar Ranch’s newest commercial spotlighting their Fashion apparel.

Photo Jul 06, 12 45 09 PM

Just because this design was for a commercial doesn’t mean it was not a party! Every detail was accounted for from lighting to the glass bottled sodas and cold beer.

Photo Jul 06, 11 56 56 AM

Photo Jul 06, 12 04 47 PM

The tables were decorated with fresh flower arrangements and shelled peanuts.

Photo Jul 06, 12 44 10 PM

We loved working with Al Bar and the BX Films on this fun project!

Photo Jul 06, 11 54 29 AM

If you want to host your own barn bash or need some professional staging, keep us in mind!

Here is the commercial so far without the voiceover! Everyone involved did an amazing job!

Fashion Apparel F1 (no V.O.) from BX Films on Vimeo.

Michael’s Wedding – A Rustic-Chic Backyard Wedding

July 13, 2014

Rustic-chic backyard weddings are gaining popularity in the bridal world. We loved working with the Michael’s! They wanted to take their family’s back yard which was comfortable and personal and make it into a place where they could exchange vows and party at the same time! We took that back yard and make it into an awesome venue.

Photo Jul 13, 3 06 26 PM

We built our own rustic archway and vow backdrop out of vintage doors, wood pallets, and an antique chandelier. Small details such as the handwritten chalkboard sign, adorable signs for the ring bearer and flower girls, and the bags of birdseed on each seat added a personalized and thoughtful touch to the entire ceremony.

Photo Jul 13, 3 12 03 PM

Photo Jul 13, 3 08 37 PM

Photo Jul 13, 3 05 39 PM

Photo Jul 13, 3 12 47 PM

The reception was held just a few yards away under a huge canopy tent decorated with a lot of string lights and a full dance floor. Every table was adorned with fresh flowers and bright fabric as a runner. We used a variety of sizes and styles of white antique milk glass vases and we were able to give each table a unique look. The bride and groom had their own intimate table near the rest of the bridal party. This allowed us to add a special flare to their chairs and table setting.

Photo Jul 13, 3 09 18 PM

Photo Jul 13, 3 14 32 PM

Photo Jul 13, 3 10 37 PM

Photo Jul 13, 3 15 58 PM

With the help of our CM Spaces team throughout the entire night, the wedding was beautiful and went perfectly as planned. 

Photo Jul 13, 3 13 25 PM

If you are interested in having a CM Spaces design your wedding, check out our website and contact us today!

Alli’s Grad Party – A Personalized Celebration for the High School Graduate

June 25, 2014

13Unique and personalized graduation parties are a trend that is picking up speed. Gone are the days of decorating with plain high school colors. Parties with unique color schemes or themes truly celebrate the graduate for more than just their diploma.

Our client, Alli, (who also is a CM Spaces employee!) graduated from Penn High School this year but wanted more than just the typical black and gold paper decor. After learning about her interests and vision for the party, we created an inspiration board. Luckily she loved our whimsical and girly plan!

Photo Jun 17, 12 22 15 PM


To welcome guests, we created a large chalkboard sign decorated with tissue paper flowers. This helped guests find the party easily!  Rather than the typical dinner buffet, Alli opted for an adorable brunch buffet decorated with pink, green and orange braided garland. Everything from the plates to the confetti helped show off her unique color scheme.

Photo Jun 17, 12 26 37 PM


Outdoor seating with fabric, cozy furniture allowed friends and family to have more intimate interaction. On the tables, fresh, bright flowers were used as a centerpiece along with personal, framed photos and sparkly confetti. The use of many photos encouraged guests to move around and check out the other pictures of Alli on the other tables. This is a great option to replace the typical tri-fold poster of childhood photos.

Photo Jun 17, 12 30 20 PM


We loved working with Alli and getting the chance to personalize and make the event one she won’t forget!

Photo Jun 17, 12 31 28 PM

If you are interested in having CM Spaces personalize your event, check out our website and contact us today!


Battalio Install – Using Heirloom Furniture in a Modern Design

June 3, 2014

living roomIf you’re thinking of redesigning a room in your home, you can easily repurpose and reuse furniture and accessories you already have. This not only makes the redesign more affordable, it also allows you to keep pieces that have meaning while still changing the overall style of the room or purpose of a room.

Photo May 24, 3 44 05 PM
The Battalio’s are returning clients who we worked with last fall. Recently, they asked us to rearrange their living room and dining room. We designed the living room to serve two purposes: a formal, yet comfortable living room and a small office with a functional desk. We mixed some old in with the new to keep the family heritage apart of their new space. Their old wooden ice chests were incorporated into the design to give the room a personal touch. This room is now such a cozy space to read, visit with friends, work on computer, or for her sons, practice for the Penn Marching Band. Just rearranging furniture made the space seem so much larger too.

Photo May 24, 3 47 30 PM

The dining room had some great pieces to work with, but they were oak and leaned a little “country”. We took the dining room chairs and server to our studio garage. We sanded, primed, painted, and polyacryliced the pieces until they looked just the way we wanted them- antique black. The paint gave them an updated look but still complimented the oak table which we kept original. Mixing and matching colors and woods is not against the rules. We always tell people to not be afraid of mixing and matching; it’s not about matching, it’s about complimenting!

Photo Jun 03, 11 34 15 AM

We also created custom ladder shelves to flank both sides of her server. This helped create balance in the design and also gave us the ability to keep the wine fridge in the dining room. Andy spent time in the garage studio and created some really awesome pieces that the client loved. We also replaced their old chandelier with a classic orb chandelier. The new lighting piece really gave this whole space an updated yet classic feel that will serve their family for years to come. Now they just need to have a dinner party to showcase their new spaces! :)

Photo May 24, 9 56 13 AM
For this install, we had an extra set of hands. Cayla is a local girl (currently nannying) with a growing passion for interior design. After checking out our Facebook page and website, she gave us a call saying she wanted to shadow us to learn more about our work. She showed up to the install, threw on a t-shirt and jumped in. With interior decorating, the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty: arranging…then rearranging…tweaking spaces until you get all the pieces just right. We were happy to have her on our team for the day. She was a sponge, asking all the right questions and had such a helpful and joyful spirit. We plan on hiring her during our busy install season too!

Photo Jun 03, 11 33 20 AMIf you are interested in have CM Spaces redesign your room, check out our website and contact us to get started!


Notre Dame Dean’s Brunch – Lilac and Daisy Flower Arrangements

May 29, 2014


CM Spaces was honored to provide beautiful lilac and Gerbera daisy flower arrangements for the 2014 Dean’s Brunch at Notre Dame. By using fresh flowers in centerpieces, we were able to add a fragrant and fresh spin on the typical banquet décor.
Flower arrangements and centerpieces are some of the most important decorative pieces for sit-down events. No matter how many tables you plan on having, it is best to have something at the center of each to give your event a welcoming and complete look. Centerpieces can be uniform for a traditional and consistent style. In contrast, a more popular trend is to have a wide variety of arrangements within a consistent theme. By having a unique arrangement at each table, your guests will enjoy the sense of personalization and variety. At Notre Dame, we created a unique arrangement for each table using multiple white vases, lilacs, and multicolor gerbera daisies. By using the same elements for each arrangements, the tables had a consistent style within the different variations.

When ordering flower arrangements and centerpieces for you event, it may be in interest to think of what type or color of fresh flowers you are interested in using. By researching which flowers should be in bloom at the time of your event, it is easier to plan which you would like to use and which colors are more readily available. Some flowers, such as roses, are always available through some of our specialty flower suppliers. Flowers such as lilacs have a relatively short blooming season and are harder to get year-round. Luckily, the Notre Dame Dean’s Brunch fell perfectly within the few weeks in which lilacs are in bloom and were perfect for this event!
peonyAnother flower with a short blooming season is the peony. Since they are sensitive to very hot temperatures, they normally bloom in late spring around the Midwest. This means that they are just about to bloom! Peonies are very popular flowers for weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers.
If you have peonies in your yard or garden, here are a few tips for prepping them for an arrangement:
– make sure to cut the stems at an angle
– cut the stems long enough so there are still a few leaves. Without leaves, the flower will die faster.
– put the stems in a bucket of cold water until you are ready to use the flowers
– use a sharp knife or pair of scissors so the stem isn’t damaged when cutting the length for an arrangement

Want to have CM Spaces design perfect centerpieces for your next event?
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Where we’ve been and where we’re going.

September 16, 2013

It all began March of 2011.  One of Chrissy’s (mom) old clients from her furniture-sellin’ days hunted her down via Facebook trying to see if she was still in town selling furniture because she was ready for a new set and only wanted to purchase from Chrissy, regardless of where she was.  Chrissy called me up and asked if I would tag along for the appointment to give advice on colors and to bounce ideas off of. I said sure, not thinking anything about it, just wanting to be helpful.

Chrissy and I worked together in the furniture biz for years.  I, as the visual merchandiser and she was in sales. She would always introduce me to her clients and ask my opinion on pillow fabrics…etc. So we had plenty of experience throwing a room together.  We went and met with her old client, had fun putting some ideas together for her and that was that.

The next month, with the help of a friend (Hi Dio!) who saw something in us as a talented-designing-duo, we landed our first real job by happenstance.  We submitted a quote against another local company to furnish the lounge area for missionaries passing through at Moreau Seminary at the University of Notre Dame.  We were chosen for the job and although we barely made any money, it looked great and we experienced for the first time the high of having a very happy client.

We went and grabbed a drink to celebrate (of course) and while we’re sitting there up walks ANOTHER client from the old days.  He remembered us both, told us he was building a 4-story town home on the river and wanted us to come over and help…ENTER: CM Spaces!!

We had business cards made and from there it began. We contacted an old friend we knew was working with new construction at Eddy Street Commons (Hi Terri!) and she also gave us a shot working with her clients. From there we truly have taken off.

In 2011 we landed 3 jobs.

In 2012 we we’re so excited to have 5 jobs.

In 2013 (so far) we have completed 13 design jobs.

We keep saying we don’t know how this happened, but we know exactly how it did.  We are firm believers, to the core, that if you’re patient and faithful, God will blow things up for you.  People say, ‘It just fell in my lap’, and although it’s hard work (and we put it in!!) it kinda, sorta did fall in our laps.  We’ve taken every lead and worked our hardest, turned clients into life long friends and if anyone knows about this business, a good recommendation is worth it’s weight in gold! So far we’re 21 for 21 in the happy-client category but we do what it takes to earn trust and do a job well.

We look at this business as one of the biggest blessings in our lives.

We don’t expect jobs in the future.

We truly treat each job as a gift.

We’re thankful.

We still pinch ourselves.

Sometimes life’s timing seems funny. Chrissy manages an orthodontist office full time.  I have a 5, 3, and 1-year old. And together we own a very exciting small business…but our hands are open and we’re prepared to keep up the good work!