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Meghan’s ugly chair crisis…

November 26, 2011

What do you get when your cousin calls you before she leaves for college and asks for help with an ugly chair she found in the basement that she wants to use in her dorm room??  You find a scrap piece of fabric in your craft drawer and go to town!

With zero money and limited time you can make something cute and functional.  It’s also not some cookie cutter piece you bought at Target.  This is a solid piece of furniture that will last her years.  She’ll be able to take it to take it with her to her own home one day and use it as a side chair or a computer desk chair…let her 10 kids romp around on it. :)  We used a nice thick fabric, so with a little Dial soap the any stains will lift right up.  It’s got a story.  It’s got charm.


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