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Christmas Decor!

November 27, 2012
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This year I decided to let Colt(4) and Molly(2) decorate my mantel.


When I get home tonight I may re-adjust a few of the ornaments.  I think they were going for the cluster effect.

This Christmas season with a 4-year-old, a 2-year-old and a 4-month old I decided that I had to somehow make less MORE.  I only got out about 1/2 of my Christmas decorations and for the longest time I just stared at all the green, red and white sparkly bulbs thinking… I don’t have the energy for this, Whelp, here goes nothing!

My goal this year was to add holiday to the everyday.  I got this idea from my mom (Chrissy, Christmas Decorator Extraordinaire).  Growing up Chrissy would spend days and days putting all our Christmas decorations out.  To this day, I cannot bring myself to purchase anything artificial.  My home will only see (and smell) fresh cut tree’s and garland for as long as I live.  It’s got a very raw look and smells so woodsy.  Plus, it’s very easy to work with.  When it’s time to take it down…you just throw it in the trash and sweep! No big deal.

Here are a few pictures of our decorations so far.  Neither of us are finished but it’s a start and really…who needs to rush decorating for the most beautiful time of the year?


If ya liked it then you shoulda put a bow on it. Oh, Oh, Oh!


I got my tree at Home Depot, again.  I buy the largest, fullest, cheapest tree I can find.  Decorate that sucker up and keep it watered…you’re good to go.


Google “How to make a bow” and go to town!  You can add a red bow to just about anything in your home and make it look Christmas-y.


These wreaths are fresh from Home Depot.  They came with a generic, red velvet bow and Chrissy added satin white-and-black polka dot ribbon and it looks adorable.  Even better in person.  Try to add wreaths to the insides and outsides of your doors.


Truth: This is a crummy picture.

Truth: These wreaths are freaking cute!

Chrissy bought fresh wreaths, satin ribbon and red ornaments (hot glued into wreath) that were bought LAST year on clearance after Christmas.  Only a few bucks for each wreath and don’t you know she’s gonna toss it all when she’s done and then chose another theme for next year.  Hassle free ya’ll.


Center Piece.  Cinnamon pine cones (I always buy the from Home Depot too.  Home Depot takes all tonight!), a bowl and left over ornaments.  Smelly and cute.


This is a giant mirror in my living room.  Typically I will hang a wreath over a mirror but this year I used a silver ‘B’ I had laying around and some white snow flakes.  I taped the snow flakes and tied the ‘B’ up with a silver bow which I hung on a nail on the wall right about the mirror.

What your favorite Christmas decoration/memory?

Chrissy:  My Grandma and Grandpa always used to serve milk and cookies (sometimes hot cocoa) out of Santa Clause mugs every year.  I found antique Santa mugs at a local auction when my kids were younger and now I serve my grand kids out of the same mugs!!  It reminds me of the magic of Santa.

Mo:  Every Christmas my brother and I would fight over who got to climb on my Dad’s shoulders and put the angel on the top of the Christmas tree. For about three or four years in a row I fibbed and magically got to put the angel on the tree because I had the best memory of who got to put the angel on the year before.  “Spencer did it last year…”, “Spencer did it last year…”, “Spencer did it last year…”.

What about you??


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