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Where we’ve been and where we’re going.

September 16, 2013

It all began March of 2011.  One of Chrissy’s (mom) old clients from her furniture-sellin’ days hunted her down via Facebook trying to see if she was still in town selling furniture because she was ready for a new set and only wanted to purchase from Chrissy, regardless of where she was.  Chrissy called me up and asked if I would tag along for the appointment to give advice on colors and to bounce ideas off of. I said sure, not thinking anything about it, just wanting to be helpful.

Chrissy and I worked together in the furniture biz for years.  I, as the visual merchandiser and she was in sales. She would always introduce me to her clients and ask my opinion on pillow fabrics…etc. So we had plenty of experience throwing a room together.  We went and met with her old client, had fun putting some ideas together for her and that was that.

The next month, with the help of a friend (Hi Dio!) who saw something in us as a talented-designing-duo, we landed our first real job by happenstance.  We submitted a quote against another local company to furnish the lounge area for missionaries passing through at Moreau Seminary at the University of Notre Dame.  We were chosen for the job and although we barely made any money, it looked great and we experienced for the first time the high of having a very happy client.

We went and grabbed a drink to celebrate (of course) and while we’re sitting there up walks ANOTHER client from the old days.  He remembered us both, told us he was building a 4-story town home on the river and wanted us to come over and help…ENTER: CM Spaces!!

We had business cards made and from there it began. We contacted an old friend we knew was working with new construction at Eddy Street Commons (Hi Terri!) and she also gave us a shot working with her clients. From there we truly have taken off.

In 2011 we landed 3 jobs.

In 2012 we we’re so excited to have 5 jobs.

In 2013 (so far) we have completed 13 design jobs.

We keep saying we don’t know how this happened, but we know exactly how it did.  We are firm believers, to the core, that if you’re patient and faithful, God will blow things up for you.  People say, ‘It just fell in my lap’, and although it’s hard work (and we put it in!!) it kinda, sorta did fall in our laps.  We’ve taken every lead and worked our hardest, turned clients into life long friends and if anyone knows about this business, a good recommendation is worth it’s weight in gold! So far we’re 21 for 21 in the happy-client category but we do what it takes to earn trust and do a job well.

We look at this business as one of the biggest blessings in our lives.

We don’t expect jobs in the future.

We truly treat each job as a gift.

We’re thankful.

We still pinch ourselves.

Sometimes life’s timing seems funny. Chrissy manages an orthodontist office full time.  I have a 5, 3, and 1-year old. And together we own a very exciting small business…but our hands are open and we’re prepared to keep up the good work!



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