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Notre Dame Dean’s Brunch – Lilac and Daisy Flower Arrangements

May 29, 2014


CM Spaces was honored to provide beautiful lilac and Gerbera daisy flower arrangements for the 2014 Dean’s Brunch at Notre Dame. By using fresh flowers in centerpieces, we were able to add a fragrant and fresh spin on the typical banquet décor.
Flower arrangements and centerpieces are some of the most important decorative pieces for sit-down events. No matter how many tables you plan on having, it is best to have something at the center of each to give your event a welcoming and complete look. Centerpieces can be uniform for a traditional and consistent style. In contrast, a more popular trend is to have a wide variety of arrangements within a consistent theme. By having a unique arrangement at each table, your guests will enjoy the sense of personalization and variety. At Notre Dame, we created a unique arrangement for each table using multiple white vases, lilacs, and multicolor gerbera daisies. By using the same elements for each arrangements, the tables had a consistent style within the different variations.

When ordering flower arrangements and centerpieces for you event, it may be in interest to think of what type or color of fresh flowers you are interested in using. By researching which flowers should be in bloom at the time of your event, it is easier to plan which you would like to use and which colors are more readily available. Some flowers, such as roses, are always available through some of our specialty flower suppliers. Flowers such as lilacs have a relatively short blooming season and are harder to get year-round. Luckily, the Notre Dame Dean’s Brunch fell perfectly within the few weeks in which lilacs are in bloom and were perfect for this event!
peonyAnother flower with a short blooming season is the peony. Since they are sensitive to very hot temperatures, they normally bloom in late spring around the Midwest. This means that they are just about to bloom! Peonies are very popular flowers for weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers.
If you have peonies in your yard or garden, here are a few tips for prepping them for an arrangement:
– make sure to cut the stems at an angle
– cut the stems long enough so there are still a few leaves. Without leaves, the flower will die faster.
– put the stems in a bucket of cold water until you are ready to use the flowers
– use a sharp knife or pair of scissors so the stem isn’t damaged when cutting the length for an arrangement

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