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Battalio Install – Using Heirloom Furniture in a Modern Design

June 3, 2014

living roomIf you’re thinking of redesigning a room in your home, you can easily repurpose and reuse furniture and accessories you already have. This not only makes the redesign more affordable, it also allows you to keep pieces that have meaning while still changing the overall style of the room or purpose of a room.

Photo May 24, 3 44 05 PM
The Battalio’s are returning clients who we worked with last fall. Recently, they asked us to rearrange their living room and dining room. We designed the living room to serve two purposes: a formal, yet comfortable living room and a small office with a functional desk. We mixed some old in with the new to keep the family heritage apart of their new space. Their old wooden ice chests were incorporated into the design to give the room a personal touch. This room is now such a cozy space to read, visit with friends, work on computer, or for her sons, practice for the Penn Marching Band. Just rearranging furniture made the space seem so much larger too.

Photo May 24, 3 47 30 PM

The dining room had some great pieces to work with, but they were oak and leaned a little “country”. We took the dining room chairs and server to our studio garage. We sanded, primed, painted, and polyacryliced the pieces until they looked just the way we wanted them- antique black. The paint gave them an updated look but still complimented the oak table which we kept original. Mixing and matching colors and woods is not against the rules. We always tell people to not be afraid of mixing and matching; it’s not about matching, it’s about complimenting!

Photo Jun 03, 11 34 15 AM

We also created custom ladder shelves to flank both sides of her server. This helped create balance in the design and also gave us the ability to keep the wine fridge in the dining room. Andy spent time in the garage studio and created some really awesome pieces that the client loved. We also replaced their old chandelier with a classic orb chandelier. The new lighting piece really gave this whole space an updated yet classic feel that will serve their family for years to come. Now they just need to have a dinner party to showcase their new spaces! :)

Photo May 24, 9 56 13 AM
For this install, we had an extra set of hands. Cayla is a local girl (currently nannying) with a growing passion for interior design. After checking out our Facebook page and website, she gave us a call saying she wanted to shadow us to learn more about our work. She showed up to the install, threw on a t-shirt and jumped in. With interior decorating, the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty: arranging…then rearranging…tweaking spaces until you get all the pieces just right. We were happy to have her on our team for the day. She was a sponge, asking all the right questions and had such a helpful and joyful spirit. We plan on hiring her during our busy install season too!

Photo Jun 03, 11 33 20 AMIf you are interested in have CM Spaces redesign your room, check out our website and contact us to get started!



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