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Al Bar Ranch Commercial – A Country Hayloft Dance Party

July 22, 2014

Photo Jul 06, 12 43 55 PMWhether you live in the city or grew up on a farm, everyone loves a good, old-fashioned barn bash!

Photo Jul 06, 12 46 26 PM

CM Spaces designed a killer western dance party that was pretty enough to be on T.V. Which is a good thing since it actually was the set for Al Bar Ranch’s newest commercial spotlighting their Fashion apparel.

Photo Jul 06, 12 45 09 PM

Just because this design was for a commercial doesn’t mean it was not a party! Every detail was accounted for from lighting to the glass bottled sodas and cold beer.

Photo Jul 06, 11 56 56 AM

Photo Jul 06, 12 04 47 PM

The tables were decorated with fresh flower arrangements and shelled peanuts.

Photo Jul 06, 12 44 10 PM

We loved working with Al Bar and the BX Films on this fun project!

Photo Jul 06, 11 54 29 AM

If you want to host your own barn bash or need some professional staging, keep us in mind!

Here is the commercial so far without the voiceover! Everyone involved did an amazing job!

Fashion Apparel F1 (no V.O.) from BX Films on Vimeo.


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