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$25 Dresser? Yes, please!

November 26, 2011

While browsing my local Goodwill for an ugly outfit for an upcoming party I snatched this dresser for my daughter Molly’s bedroom.  It just so happened to be “50%-off Saturday” so I only paid $25 bucks for it.  I had the white paint in the basement leftover from a previous project and within a few hours I was organizing her clothes in her new dresser.



What I really love about this piece is, AGAIN, it’s a solid piece of furniture!  You can’t buy a dresser at IKEA with stapled drawers for $25 bucks.  Go to a Goodwill or Salvation Army…put some money back in your community and get something unique for your home!

This dresser has a retro look to it which fits the feel of my house and because of that I can guarantee you that someday I’ll move it around and bring it into my dining room…maybe use it as a buffet for a while.  Or eventually move it to the basement  and use it in my craft room.  It’s a versatile piece, which might just be my favorite part…well, second to the fact that I spent $25 bucks on it.  That’s what’s up!


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